Bamboo Flooring: Saving the World One Home at a Time

We all know the environment is in trouble. Global warming, melting ice-caps, and the destruction of natural resources are sure signs of the misuse of nature’s gifts. Suddenly working to help stop the devastation of our planet is of global concern. Everyone is wondering what they can do to help.

Automobile emissions and energy usage have taken center stage in the fight to save the natural world, but there is one solution that might surprise you. Home repairs and improvement are areas that many don’t think of as eco-friendly solutions. They can be however – take the case of bamboo flooring.

The Environmental Flooring Choice

Home improvement stores abound with flooring selections. There are carpets of every color and texture, ceramics, laminates, and hardwoods. There is also a newcomer to the market who brings an extra bonus. Bamboo flooring is considered by many to be the most environmentally advantageous flooring choice.

Bamboo, as a grass, is actually considered a weed by farmers in Asia. In fact, they have been doing battle with bamboo for centuries. Only recently did manufactures think to use this product in a constructive way. Previously, much of the bamboo cleared from fields was burned, releasing toxins into the atmosphere. Now, that same bamboo is being used to create beautiful flooring products.

The Advantages of Bamboo

While not indestructible, bamboo is known to be as hard as or perhaps more durable than traditional hardwood floors. As more individuals are electing to install bamboo flooring rather than hardwood, they are helping to preserve the hardwood forests. Less hardwood flooring simply means less hardwood trees to be felled.

Bamboo is also inexpensive to cultivate and process. This makes it an economical choice. Bamboo flooring has the same beauty and style as hardwood flooring, but is considerably less expensive to purchase and install. The variation of tones and styles of bamboo flooring is also quite extensive, making it an easy decision to make.

Bamboo Flooring Options

The range of colors and wood grain variations in bamboo flooring are astounding. There is a seemingly endless array of creations from this simple natural resource. Bamboo flooring ranges from pale blondes, comparable to maple tones, to dark, almost walnut, shades. There are also various grains and textures available in any color.

If every member of society who is concerned with the future of the planet were to install bamboo flooring rather than wood, the environment would strongly benefit. In addition to having made an eco-friendly purchase, those individuals selecting bamboo will have installed a durable and stylish floor sure to give them satisfaction for years to come.

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